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[ft-l] USFS Vacancy Outreach for Trail Manager for the FloridaNational Scenic Trail

To:  Florida Trail Association Members, Florida Trail Mailing List, FNST
Land Managers, and members of the Partnership for the National Trails
Fr:  Kent Wimmer, FTA

The USDA Forest Service, National Forests in Florida has asked me to send
to you the below Outreach Announcement for the new position of Trail
Manager for the Florida National Scenic Trail, which they soon will be
advertising.   They will likely advertise this position to USFS and other
federal government employees and to the general public.  Please distribute
this to individuals that may be interested. Thank you.


Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 523-8576 (w)
(850) 523-8578 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160

                    Trails Manager GS-0401/0807/0810-12

                        National Forests in Florida
                            Supervisor's Office
                              Tallahassee, FL

The National Forests in Florida will be advertising a GS-12  position in
the Supervisor's Office, Tallahassee, FL.  The Supervisor's Office of the
NFs in FL is located in Tallahassee, a fast growing metropolitan area still
holding onto its roots of the Old South as well as its rich multicultural
history.  The NFs in FL consist of three National Forests.  The
Apalachicola NF is closest to the Supervisor's Office, the Osceola NF is
only about a two hour drive, and the Ocala NF is approximately three hours
by car.  For more information on the NFs in FL, please visit


Provides leadership in determining strategic direction for the FNST and in
identifying critical management problems and issues, determining objectives
to be accomplished, and initiating, developing and directing long?range
planning and budgeting efforts to address and resolve those issues.
Advises MERL Program Manager on state and local conditions, and the current
and anticipated affect of proposed plans, programs and policies.

Is accountable for the protection and management of the lands acquired by
the U.S. Forest Service and carries out a full range of land management
responsibilities (natural and cultural resources management, visitor and
resource protection, environmental compliance, facility management, visitor
services and interpretation, planning, boundary determination, land
acquisition, special uses, and administrative support services).

Provides technical leadership, advice and consultation for a variety of
trails and trailheads including wilderness access and universal design.
Develops manual and handbook supplements, guidelines and prescriptions to
carry out approved policies, objectives, goals, targets and priorities
relating to the FNST Program.  Develops direction for national policies and
standards, incorporating accepted ecosystem management and universal design
directions and practices for trails planning, design, construction and

Coordinates with FTA in setting trail acquisition priorities and develops
acquisition work plans.  Monitors acquisition progress and expenditures of
funds by the National Park Service (NPS).  Provides assistance to partners
for trails planning, priority setting, estimating costs, locating sources
of professional and technical assistance and evaluating contract proposals.
Advises Forest and District units in trail management.

Provides liaison with landowners, managers, adjoining neighbors and
communities to address issues of common concern and to develop coordinated
approaches and solutions that will result in the highest possible level of
long-term protection of the Trail.

Serves as the principle spokesperson for the FS concerning the FNST.
Maintains a public relations program to address key issues that will affect
Trail resources and objectives.  Contacts are with members of the U.S.
Congress, state and local government officials, administrators and
professionals, planning agencies, universities, etc.  Develops and
maintains cooperative relationships with other Federal, state, regional and
local agencies, FTA and other trail organizations, supporters and others in
the interest of coordination of activities and seamless delivery of
recreation trails opportunities.  Prepares new partnership agreements and
monitors existing agreements.

Responds to a variety of requests and proposals for events and dedicated
uses of trail lands and facilities.  Evaluates any potential conflicts with
other uses and any impacts on trail resources, making use of environmental
review and compliance procedures when appropriate.  Negotiates, develops,
executes, and supervises a full range of authorizing instruments to manage
an approved activity or use.  These routinely include rights-of-way permits
or land exchanges, special event permits, cooperative agreements, memoranda
of understanding, research and collection permits and agriculture permits.

To receive a copy of the vacancy announcement when released, send a message
to vsmalls@fs.fed.us on the attached form.


Tallahassee, "The Other Florida," is located in the rolling landscape of
northwest Florida, nestled between the Gulf Coast and the Georgia border,
in beautiful Leon County.  Quiet two-lane roads shadowed by arching tunnels
of majestic live oaks have been its hallmark. What is known today as
Florida's capital, Tallahassee has grown from verdant farmland to a
thriving city.  Bisected by four major highways this city is more
convenient than ever to travelers.

Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, Florida A&M University and
the Tallahassee Community College.  There are approximately 34 public
schools in the county  in addition to numerous private schools and
academies.  With a bustling population of approximately 237,637 people,
this capital city offers many cultural and educational opportunities.
Numerous community and university arts, dance, music, and theater groups
contribute to the city's diverse cultural community.  Tallahassee offers
all the advantages of a city without losing its small town feel.  And get
this, Florida does not have a state income tax.  (What a deal!)

Two out of the three hospitals in Tallahassee are full-service healthcare
facilities and, in addition, there are 8-10 walk-in clinics throughout the
city.  Two large shopping malls are supplemented by 35 shopping centers to
meet the demand of a growing population.  Housing is plentiful with the
average selling price of single-family homes going for $92,000 (higher in
some parts of the city, and lower in others, of course).  Rental houses
exist but are not as common as apartments or duplexes.

A heady combination of azaleas, alligators, and history with Capitol
buildings, canopy roads and Gulf beaches within an hour's drive, you'll
find thatTallahassee truly lives up to its description--Florida With A
Southern Accent.  For more information on Tallahassee, FL, please visit

                    Trails Manager GS-0401/0807/0810-12
                        National Forests in Florida
                            Supervisor's Office
                              Tallahassee, FL


EMAIL ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER: _______________________________________________________

CURRENT REGION/FOREST/DISTRICT: _________________________________________

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CURRENT SERIES AND GRADE: _______________________________________________

                Thank you for your interest in our vacancy!