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[ft-l] Interesting Statistics abut Florida outdoor recrestion

      While it is true that hunters do spend more money, it is consumptive
use.  I will pay 6.50 for a venison burger or 15.00 for a steak, and I get
to eat it.  If you're only paying for a license and you get to keep the
whole deer, that's pretty cheap.  Non-consumptive users take snacks and
meals into the woods, not out.
      I am a gun owner, though not a hunter.  I don't take my gun on the
trail since the FTA regulations sign says to "Protect All Wildlife".  So
unless you're hunting Elmers (Bugs Bunny reference), I doubt you'd be
protecting any wildlife.
      I realize that hunting is an efficient way to keep populations in
balance, but don't act like your not getting something for your license
cost.  And for those of you who will say that you don't always get a deer
(or turkey, or whatever you're hunting), then I'd suggest putting down the
gun, and going to Outback.  It may be more expensive, but it is also a sure

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IMHO, it's all in the politics.  If you truly want to make a
change/difference, and have the stomach for it, get involved with the
politics behind all of these decisions.

And, btw... are fishing licenses expensive?

> > Fortunately, all of us, gun-toting or pack-toting, have an interest in
> > conservation. Maybe it's time hikers put as much of their money where
> > their interests lie as the hunters do?
> Funny, but every time the state or federal government starts talking "use
> fees" or "access fees" for parks and forests, the "wildlife viewers" all
> scream bloody murder...the hunters have been paying these fees for years,
> they're called "licenses".

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