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[ft-l] What makes a good trail?

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In a message dated 4/20/2003 3:23:29 AM Eastern Standard Time,
dblick@cfl.rr.com writes:
> So my question for you all is what makes a "good" hiking trail?

Hmmm...says she who's hiked much of the FT of late. Here's my list:

1. Good clear blazing, including proper use of offset blazes for direction
2. Minimal to no roadwalking on/along paved roads/busy highways
3. Easy to find water sources
4. Clearly marked & trustworthy parking areas making it easy for section/day
5. Bog bridges in swampy places that get torn up by foot traffic
6. Campsites every 8-12 miles adjoining a water source (pitcher pump well if
7. A nice screened shelter w/adjoining campsite (ala Iron Bridge) every 16-25
miles, and don't forget the privy!
8. Trail towns at least once a week for thru/section hikers
9. If fees/registration required, do it ONCE either before hiking or along
the trail
10. No "reservations required" for camping/shelters
11. Avoid sharing trail with horses where possible
12. I'd rather cross a bridge or wade a stream than play balance beam on a

Them's my thoughts,