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[ft-l] Re:What Makes A Good Trail

> - I think shelters are a waste of resources.  With tents that
> weigh 2-5 lbs,
> most hikers can easily tote one.  Campsites are much more
> important.  Plus,
> shelters require maintenance and draw rodents and vermin.
> - Campsites amenities in priority order: 1. Seclusion  2.
> Water source nearby
>  3. Picnic table.

I am working on a shelter design that is based upon a "Chickee" that is
basically open, with just a roof. This provides a place to get out of the
rain to cook and eat and maybe hang a hammock without shutting out the
breeze. Depending upon location it may or may not have a floor.

Several of the campsites we just built have picnic tables and steel fire
rings, one even has a barbecue grill, beats me who is going to carry
charcoal that far...

Lee I Joe