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[ft-l] Re:What Makes A Good Trail

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Of course, different hikers have different needs and different expectations.
Here are some of mine:
- A well marked trail, even the roadwalks and thru towns, all turns double
blazed with an easily visible confirmation blaze within site of the turn.
- I think ten miles, plus or minus a mile, is a reasonable distance between
campsites, most backpackers can easily make ten miles per day and those that
want to push it can make twenty.
- I think shelters are a waste of resources.  With tents that weigh 2-5 lbs,
most hikers can easily tote one.  Campsites are much more important.  Plus,
shelters require maintenance and draw rodents and vermin.
- Campsites amenities in priority order: 1. Seclusion  2. Water source nearby
 3. Picnic table.
- Towns? I like small towns and if I arrive there late in the day I look
forward to a pizza and a cheap motel room. Telephone, Laundromat, grocery
store and beer are also important (not in priority order).  If I arrive
before mid-afternoon, I get what I need and move on.
- Permits and advance reservations are a pain for hikers, especially
thru-hikers.  I do not mind stopping to register at a kiosk or "Iron Ranger"
along the trail but calling ahead and projecting anticipated arrival dates is
dreaded by all.

Deb, thanks for the opportunity to vent.