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[ft-l] What makes a good trail?

Its been years, but I really enjoyed the loop trail at Torreya State Park.
Its hilly with lots of trees, its off the beaten track yet safe enough for
mom and the kids.  A thru-trail also needs adequate campsites, water sources
and safe places to park.

One thing I really like about trails and parks are the opportunity to learn
about our recent past.  Preserving the natural treasures without documenting
who lived on the land, what they did for a living, what they ate, etc, would
be incomplete.  I love the museums I have seen on or near the trail:  Ice
House at Cumberland Island, the Naval Stores in the Ocala, the nature room
on Hontoon Island.  Long ago I visited an Appalaichian Trail museum at Bear
Mountain, NY.

Perhaps as our corridor ages and more trail is developed we can set aside
collections of the past.  We might have some groups in the future who
develop permanent museums or weekend exhibits.  This might make the trail, a
little more popular and meaningful to visit.

Blazes all across our State,

Mark Nickerson