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[ft-l] What makes a good trail?

The list has been very quiet lately, so I have a question
you can all weigh in on, regardless of your hiking

As many of you know, I travel around a lot on our trail.  I
see the good and the bad, the magical and the ugly.  So my
question for you all is what makes a "good" hiking trail?
If you were designing the premier hiking trail in Florida,
what attributes would it have?

Try to be reasonable allowing for many different public and
private land managers and their differing rules and
regulations, but you can dream a little, too.  Consider
things like varying ecosystems, trailheads, distance between
campsites, shelters or no shelters, town ammenities or none,
fees, registration, stream crossings, water sources,
maintenance, sharing with other users, etc.  Just what is it
that makes a good trail for hikers?