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[ft-l] Golden Opportunity

Sandy Friend just alerted me to a great opportunity for outdoorsy Floridian=
s.  Walkin Jim Stoltz is going to be doing some concerts in Florida!

  November 9  Altoona, FL
  Florida Sierra Club Statewide Conference

  November 16 Melbourne, Florida 7:00 p.m.
  Surfside Playhouse
  Turtle Coast Group of the Sierra Club
  Info: 321-984-0604

  November 17 Jacksonville, FL 7:00 p.m.
  Players By The Sea Theater
  Info: 904-730-9917 or (904) 285-5504

Walkin Jim has been the featured entertainment at the Appalachian Long Dist=
ance Hikers Association (ALDHA) for years and years. He has backpacked all =
the major trails and much more than 20,000 miles, lots of it now bushwhacki=
ng in very remote places.  In his unforgettable deep, gravelly voice he sin=
gs about the environment and hiking.  All the while, the background is a co=
ntinuous slide show of his world class outdoor photographs.

I called Melbourne (closest and best date for me) and they haven't yet orga=
nized this event.  Tickets will be somewhere between $12 and $15, with the =
profits to go to the Sierra Club.  I'll post more when the contact person g=
ets back to me.

If you are anywhere within reasonable driving distance of any of these perf=
ormances, I HIGHLY recommend that you go see Walkin Jim.  The ALDHA concert=
s always bring sighs, gasps of wonder, and tears when he sings about "frien=
ds around the campfire."