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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

In a message dated Mon, 16 Sep 2002 8:49:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, jbrya=
nkramer@msn.com writes:

> There isn't anything wrong with a spirited but polite
> political exchange of views. I have noticed that when the
> greeny side starts
> losing to facts that they start changing the subject.

If this was a political list, I wouldn't disagree.  But this is a hiking li=
st, a haven for nature lovers to escape to the woods, even if only symbolic=
ally from in front of our computer screens.  My environmentalism is way dee=
per than any crass political posturing, and it is way too ingrained for me =
to have any patience for those who disagree with me.  Nature to me is a spi=
ritual thing, and hiking is a form of worship.  It doesn't mean I don't sup=
port your right to disagree with me, but it does mean we need to find more =
productive topics for discussion, or I will withdraw from the unwanted "noi=
se," whether it be on a list or in person. I will not discuss trees and for=
ests in terms of their value in board-feet.  To me, they are sacred.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear