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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

Bosh, thats only if you let those dasterdly commercial lumer companies have
the logs. This topic has got more traffic going on this list than I've seen
in many months. There isn't anything wrong with a spirited but polite
political exchange of views. I have noticed that when the greeny side starts
losing to facts that they start changing the subject.

I'd still like to see one of you explain why all this is OK in Daschles
South Dakota but not OK here in Florida???


> -----Original Message-----
> > Do it over 10 years and
> > you are talking about $25 billion a year. Where is that
> > money going to come
> > from?
> Being one of the CPAs on this List, I'd venture to guess it would
> come easily from the 88+ BILIION trees (using YOUR figures) that
> would be turned into lumber, paper and wood chips -- and greenhouse gases.
> Let's talk hiking, folks, because we just ain't gonna agree on politics.
> For example, I hiked along the Captiva Island beach a week ago
> tonight on a starry lit sky accompanied by the green glowing
> sparkles of myriad bioluminescent plankton washing ashore
> underfoot on each wave and also tiny green glowing sand crabs I
> could watch burrowing into the sand after each wave.  Even the
> larger ghost crabs displayed a faint green glow as they skittered
> to their holes.  It was completely magical. Nature displays a
> rich finery on night beach walks.  I'm addicted.
> Happy trails,
> Solar Bear
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