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[ft-l] Some ranblings on the use of our public lands.

It rather obvious that checks and balances have failed, when people can use
a long series lawsuits to block thinning for something like 25 years then I
don't see any balance. People's homes and lives are in danger but other
people would rather make a political point rather than help do the right
thing. Being an obstinate roadblock is not giving " the balance to forest
management as we know it today."

> As long as the Forest is being managed by professionals and the public has
> input it usually turns out well.  Our checks and balances seem to be
> working.  Throughout my 71 years of living I have grown to respect the
> political process.  You just have to be involved to make it work
> correctly.
> That's why I support Audubon, Sierra, and all those tree hugging groups.
> They give the balance to forest management as we know it today.

You folks keep saying you don't like Bush's plan but I yet to see one of you
quote something in the plan that you don't like. How about some real
objections rather than knee-jerk opposition. And again what about Daschle???

> My guess would be that President Bush is correct in his forest management
> bill about 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time in probably stinks.
> Each case should be looked at indiviually.  I will say as a general
> statement that we have enough roads in our wild places now and
> would like to
> see no more added unless it was under an emergency situation.