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[ft-l] Some ranblings on the use of our public lands.

Some great ideas are coming from this group of trail users.  I hesitate to
get involved in such a high level discussion but can't resist.  I personally
don't mind paying some extra income tax to keep our wild lands wild and
don't mind the motto "land of many uses".  Good balanced forest management
program with the objective of recreation, wildlife and lumber sustainability
is usually the goal of most of the professional forestors I know.  Yes, you
need to hold back the timber people at times - they do need to make money
and that is their primary goal but they do have my best regards because I
like to be able to buy a 2 X 4 occasionally.

As for fees the less the better.  Everyone should enjoy the wildlands and
those of us who can afford some extra income tax should be made to pay to
see that this happens.  We need to get our youth involved in our forests
through youth groups.  They and their leaders should not be penalized
because they are developing lifelong skills and good recreational habits.
Nor should anyone be kept from the forest because they can't pay.

Incidently we all breath the oxygen the forest produces.  Should we set up a
fee schedule for this?

As long as the Forest is being managed by professionals and the public has
input it usually turns out well.  Our checks and balances seem to be
working.  Throughout my 71 years of living I have grown to respect the
political process.  You just have to be involved to make it work correctly.
That's why I support Audubon, Seirra, and all those tree hugging groups.
They give the balance to forest management as we know it today.

My guess would be that President Bush is correct in his forest management
bill about 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time in probably stinks.
Each case should be looked at indiviually.  I will say as a general
statement that we have enough roads in our wild places now and would like to
see no more added unless it was under an emergency situation.