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[ft-l] Use of infrastructure - [was President's Bush's ... ]

The difference there is that when you fill up your gas tank the gas tax goes
to pay for those roads, they aren't free. This idea that stuff drops from
the sky with zero cost is a big part of the problem. You pay, or someone
pays for everything, There Ain't No Free Lunch! TANSTAFL. That's my favorite
question for people who are soliciting petition signatures, "Who Pays For
IT?", the question causes them great 	angst when I refuse to let the
standard reply: "Its free!"


> -----Original Message-----
> Carl,
>      The difference between you, I or any other private citizen using the
> FS infrastructure is we are not taking more from the land.  When you use
> these roads to get to a place for bird watching, it is no different than
> any other road you used coming from your house.  Upon using these
> roads you anyway misinterpreted the thoughts or points given
> before, please take time to clarify or restate the point.  These are my