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[ft-l] Use of infrastructure - [was President's Bush's ... ]

     The difference between you, I or any other private citizen using the
FS infrastructure is we are not taking more from the land.  When you use
these roads to get to a place for bird watching, it is no different than
any other road you used coming from your house.  Upon using these roads you
take memories, pictures, and notes about the birds and their surroundings.
Big business on the other hand also uses the roads, but then take the
surroundings (ie. trees) from the birds, from us, and from my kids who will
not then have the opportunity to take pictures or create memories.  I've
worked in corporate America.  Many of those in charge in the corporate
world are focused on their bottom line.  It is their job to do so.  It is
our job to keep them in check, when their own concious does not.  State
Forests are public land, and citizens are welcome.  Perhaps we should set a
better example and pay the nominal fees when they apply, perhaps we won't.
I do know, however that we are not taking natural resources from the
Forests, nor are we asking for more infrastructure to be put in.  Corporate
America, doesn't always have that position.
     If I have in anyway misinterpreted the thoughts or points given
before, please take time to clarify or restate the point.  These are my
thoughts on the matter.
Dave Rohe
T.C.C. for the FNST/FTA

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           It sure is popular to bash corporate America these days.
However, in
fairness, I must confess that I, also, have made use of the
infrastructure put in place by the various forest services.
           I admit that I have never paid a user fee to make use of the
roads or walk beneath the canopy of long-leaf pines in the state forest.
Occasionally, I have paid an entry fee to a State Park, but never to a
State Forest. I don't pay a fee to drive my pick-up truck into Croom WMA
or to travel through the Ocala NF. I might pay a campsite fee to use a
site at Alexander, but I don't pay to go birdwatching.
           I think all of us make use of at least some of the
without making additional payment for it's use.

           This is just, of course, my not-so-humble-opinion.

- Carl
(wearing my asbestos, flame-proof birdwatching duds)

ATRerunner wrote:
> Cricket correctly notes that the timber co.'s make
> money by using the infrastructure so generously paid
> for by we the people. I think the genesis of this
> inequity is to be found tangled in the real motives
> and allegiance of Gifford Pinchot. Consider that the
> father of the Forest Service was a member of the Order
> of Skull & Bones in his senior year at Yale. A Google
> search of just that connection will turn up names of
> fellow S & B members whose companies/families had
> great profit from forest land, e.g., Weyerhauser.
> Where did G.P.'s heart really lay? With the land or
> with the profit therefrom? Whose ideas were Gifford
> and Teddy implementing? Oh my, OT Again. Back to the
> Swamp go I.
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> ATRerunner
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