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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

Ah there is more forrest land now than there was 200 years ago so I don't
understand your "little remaining forest" comment.


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> I agree with Kent that there is reason to be concerned here. In one
> dictatorial fiat, what little remaining forest we have left in this
> country will go from being woefully overprotected to being woefully
> unprotected. I'm just returned from Northern Colorado and I can tell you
> that the F.S. folks are working overtime to get forest parcels
> re-classified under the soon-to-be-expanded...thank you Mr. Bush...
> salvage rules. Said one Ranger in the Arapaho NF "If it's Uncle Sams,
> and it's green, and it hasn't already been protected, it'll go on the
> Salvage map."
> I know what side of this issue I'm on, even if I'm heaving against 50
> years of pendulum swing the other way.