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[ft-l] Use of infrastructure - [was President's Bush's ... ]

	It sure is popular to bash corporate America these days. However, in
fairness, I must confess that I, also, have made use of the
infrastructure put in place by the various forest services.
	I admit that I have never paid a user fee to make use of the forest
roads or walk beneath the canopy of long-leaf pines in the state forest.
Occasionally, I have paid an entry fee to a State Park, but never to a
State Forest. I don't pay a fee to drive my pick-up truck into Croom WMA
or to travel through the Ocala NF. I might pay a campsite fee to use a
site at Alexander, but I don't pay to go birdwatching.
	I think all of us make use of at least some of the infrastructure
without making additional payment for it's use.

	This is just, of course, my not-so-humble-opinion.

- Carl
(wearing my asbestos, flame-proof birdwatching duds)

ATRerunner wrote:
> Cricket correctly notes that the timber co.'s make
> money by using the infrastructure so generously paid
> for by we the people. I think the genesis of this
> inequity is to be found tangled in the real motives
> and allegiance of Gifford Pinchot. Consider that the
> father of the Forest Service was a member of the Order
> of Skull & Bones in his senior year at Yale. A Google
> search of just that connection will turn up names of
> fellow S & B members whose companies/families had
> great profit from forest land, e.g., Weyerhauser.
> Where did G.P.'s heart really lay? With the land or
> with the profit therefrom? Whose ideas were Gifford
> and Teddy implementing? Oh my, OT Again. Back to the
> Swamp go I.
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> ATRerunner
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