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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

Nope. The Gov pays for everyone. There are professional crews contracted,
college kids, ski bums, structural firefighters, anyone even YOU can do it.
Just take the basic classes at the Florida DOF near Brooksville, 3 days they
treat you like royalty, beautiful campus, spotless cool rooms, great food
(gained 3 pounds), bonfire at night. They teach you about the fuels (brush,
grass), weather, and how to build a Fire Line. A Fire Line is nothing more
than a TRAIL and you know how to do that already. OK here is the hard part:
the "pack test" 3 miles, 45 pound pack, 45 minutes, on a flat paved surface.
You can do it. Then put your name on the list. You get called and start
making $10-$15 an hour for a 14-21 day all expenses paid trip to the Rockies
or where ever.
Please e-mail me with any questions