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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

Two things I have never understood about the timbering
policies in the National Forests and federal fire-fighting
policies vis-a-vis the USDA Forest Service.

1) The timber companies make money on the timber harvests
but the Forest Service has to build all the infrastructure
to support the timber harvests (eg roads surrounding and
into the harvest area, clean up after the logging, etc).
Because of that many times the Forest Service (ie, the US
taxpayer) actually loses money on the timber sales.  Even if
one accepts that logging is a wise use of our public lands,
I can't see why my tax dollars should be used to support
individual timber companies at the expense of other users of
our public lands.

2) It seems in normal fire years the FS budget can barely
manage to provide enough money for fire fighting and during
bad years the FS and other public agencies go into debt
fighting the fires. To me this means that there is just not
enough funding for fire control on public lands.  Points out
the fact that much of Congressional budgeting and allocation
is reactionary and political in nature rather than planned
for wise use of our resources.