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[ft-l] Crew Leader Position Available

Attention all FTA members,
One of our SCA Crew leaders has bowed out this week, and we are in need of
a dedicated person to take over.  I am interviewing potential candidates,
and I wanted to open it up to the membership.
   Trail Construction experience, preferrably with infrastructure such as
   bridges, boardwalks, and kiosks.
   Willingness to live and work with an SCA crew for anywhere from 3-6
   months, in the area of the projects.  The project Area would either be
   Eglin AFB or a roving Panhandle crew.
   Working with the local Chapters to complete projects in a timely and
   up-to-standard manner.

If anyone wishes to apply, please send by mail or email a resume and cover
letter to the addess or email listed below.  If anyone has questions I can
be contacted at the numbers below.
Thanks to all and Happy Trail Building,

David L. Rohe
Trail Construction Coordinator
Florida National Scenic Trail
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 523-8524 (w)
(850) 933-7069 (cell)
(850) 523-8578 (fax)
Mailing Address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd., F-100
Tallahassee, FL  32303-4160