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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

I agree with Kent that there is reason to be concerned here. In one
dictatorial fiat, what little remaining forest we have left in this
country will go from being woefully overprotected to being woefully
unprotected. I'm just returned from Northern Colorado and I can tell you
that the F.S. folks are working overtime to get forest parcels
re-classified under the soon-to-be-expanded...thank you Mr. Bush...
salvage rules. Said one Ranger in the Arapaho NF "If it's Uncle Sams,
and it's green, and it hasn't already been protected, it'll go on the
Salvage map."

I know what side of this issue I'm on, even if I'm heaving against 50
years of pendulum swing the other way.

Caleb Ewing


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