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[ft-l] GPS problems?

If the date is off it kinda sounds like your system has been
reset, altho I'm not familiar with your Garmin unit.

Do note however that the DOD runs periodic tests that can
result in outages and inaccuracies.  July 2 and August 2
they ran tests on a couple of satellites that had the all
the federal civilian agencies up in arms since it effected
GPS units in the western US interfering with the fire
fighting.  Haven't heard of any outages in the eastern US,
but I usually receive the notifications about them a couple
of weeks after they occur, since they are routed through
dozens of gov't agencies before they finally reach me.  :-(

I was GPS'ing out in Orlando Wilderness Park last fall,
collecting a good sub-meter track when all of a sudden I
lost everything.  No satellites to be found anywhere.  After
an hour or so of no signal I finally packed up and went
home.  The next morning everything was ok again.  Later I
found it was a "scheduled" test.  Anyone know a website that
publishes the dates and effected areas of the "scheduled"


> Anyone else experiencing GPS irregularities today? When I
turned my Garmin
> ETrex on this morning around 8 AM, it blanked out after I
got a fix. I
> thought maybe the batteries were dying so I replaced them.
When I turned it
> back on, it had a hell of a time getting a fix. I managed
to hike and get my
> track, but when I tried to download it a little while ago,
it refused to.
> Seems that the track file is dated 28-Jul-61, and no date
or time will
> display on the system. No normal messages, either, like
"Are you indoors
> now?" It just keeps searching for satellites. I'm
wondering if the gov't is
> playing with the satellites...
> Cheers, Sandy
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