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[ft-l] GPS problems?

Got a little concerned when one of the other reply's mentioned something
military deactivation, etc.  Went out and tried my Magellan and it seems
to be
working fine.  I think you may have somehow done a hard reset of your
unit and
it needs to be re-initialized.  The date you got is a sort of first day
of the
world sort of thing in it's memory.  Electronics often have to have
to count from and they put all sorts of strange dates as the 1st day to
counting.  It can also help the technical fixit people diagnose
problems.  You
probably have a late 17th century period unit.

FTCracker@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone else experiencing GPS irregularities today? When I turned my Garmin
> ETrex on this morning around 8 AM, it blanked out after I got a fix. I
> thought maybe the batteries were dying so I replaced them. When I turned it
> back on, it had a hell of a time getting a fix. I managed to hike and get my
> track, but when I tried to download it a little while ago, it refused to.
> Seems that the track file is dated 28-Jul-61, and no date or time will
> display on the system. No normal messages, either, like "Are you indoors
> now?" It just keeps searching for satellites. I'm wondering if the gov't is
> playing with the satellites...
> Cheers, Sandy
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