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[ft-l] local hiking info

Couple of ideas, based on using Farles Lake as your base

Short hikes:
Hike south on FT from Farles Lake to Buck Lake, take the
blue-blaze around Buck Lake and then back to Farles on the
FT.  (Water and restrooms available at Buck Lake.)  I think
that works out to about 4.5 miles.

Hike North on the FT from Farles Lake to the top of Farles
Paririe.  Lots of Oak hammocks out in the paririe that the
kids would enjoy exploring.  Return to Farles via the same

Another loop can be made using the Yearling Trail (Trailhead
parking on SR 19 across from Silver Glen Springs).  Take
that to the FT, play at Pat's Island then loop back.  It's
about 6 miles round-trip and Pat's Island would probably
appeal to the kids - old Long Family cemetary and huge sink
hole.  Beautiful lunch spot.  The Long's were the family
fictionalized in Majorie Kinnan Rawlings' book "The

Longer hikes:
Dump kids off at Clearwater Lake Campground Trailhead.  From
there to Alexander Springs is 10 miles.  Camp at Alex
Springs or near intersection of Alex Springs blue-blaze and
FT.   Alex Springs to Farles Lake camping area is 8.5 miles.

Dump kids off at FS 10 trailhead.  From there to Juniper
Springs is 9 miles.  Camp at Juniper Springs or within the
Juniper Wilderness Area just before you get there, or on the
prairie just south of SR 40.  From Juniper Springs to Farles
Lake is a little over 9 miles.

Note:  During general gun season (Nov 9 - Jan 5) camping is
limited to established camping areas (Clearwater Lake,
Alexander Springs, Buck Lake, Farles Lake, Juniper Springs,
Hopkins Prairie, Grassy Pond and Lake Delancy) and well as
anywhere within the Juniper Wilderness (no hunting allowed
in the Wilderness).  Clearwater Lake, Alex Springs and
Juniper Springs are developed campgrounds, about $10 per
site, last time I camped there.  The others are fee demo
areas $3 per vehicle per night.


> I was looking at a simple 5 miler (out & back day loop)
for the younger
> Scouts and possibly a 20-25 mile overnight loop for the
older Scouts.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.........................Gary