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[ft-l] Local Hiking Info

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I like the FT that runs through Juniper Springs Campground.  If you head
north, about six miles in is a GREAT place to camp.  You have to look closely
for the sign that marks the "campground" as it's a small wooden sign hammered
to a tree or post, I can't remember.   It's called, appropriately, Hidden
Pond."  It has several places to camp around a large pond, maybe 75 yards in
diameter.  Don't quote me on this, as it's been a while since I've been
there.  I do remember that one of the "sites" even had a makeshift tree
house.  The pond water was OK for filtering.  I used iodine pills only, and
had no trouble.  Anyway, you can continue on from there about 5-6 more miles
to what I think is Salt Springs.  The great thing about this hike is you can
park in Juniper Springs Campground and hike out from there.  Also, you can
take advantage of the showers and/or the fresh spring water pool upon your
return.  This is one of my favorite hikes.  Anyway, hope this helps.

KellyGoVols, (who won this weekend!)