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[ft-l] Thruhike of St.Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Rotsa Ruck
Where is the St Marks refuge?
I'm new to the Fla trail assn.
But I am a geezer.

Mike Cone

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Subject: [ft-l] Thruhike of St.Marks National Wildlife Refuge

> Listers,
> I'm contemplating doing a thruhike of the Refuge the week of
> December 1-7.  Any advice from anyone about water near particular
> campsites, how to relieve the tedium of the US98 roadwalk, or anything
> else of interest would be welcomed.
> Also, if any of you SLOW hikers out there are interested in
> coming along, I'm taking applications.  Only old, slow, quiet geezers
> or geezerettes should apply.  ;-)  Seriously, would like some company, if
> anyone's prepared to get wet boots/legs (most likely) and hike with a
> pokey person.  If you're interested, need to know ASAP, because a permit
> is needed, and it's $1/person/night (6 nights), so needs to be done by
> mail, which takes time (hm-m-m, I hadn't thought to ask if they'd take a
> credit card # over the phone).
> -- eArThworm
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