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[ft-l] Dickinson S.P.

#As I understand it, the biking trails and the hiking trails in the park
#are separate entities, so I would not expect your race to be running on
#any part of the FT except the shared-use jeep trails.

But this is an adventure race, not a mountain bike race.  I certainly
hope that none of the bike legs are on the FT (although one of the bike
legs last year used an FT bridge then a fireroad that also doubles as
FT), but there could most certainly be a trekking leg there, or at least
part of a trekking leg.  Theoretically, there could be a paddling leg
there too, except that in that park the hiking trails are too far from
the river for a portage down the FT.  We won't find anything out about
the course until 2 hours before the race starts, as far as exactly where
the course is, what parts of the park, how much of each discipline, how
many legs of each discipline, etc.  The only thing the race director
told us so far is that we will be bushwhacking four different times (I'm
hoping no more than once with the bikes and no more than once with
boats) and that the start and finish is at the parking area for the
Eagles View multi-use trails.

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