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In a message dated 10/22/2002 5:31:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jfm43@johnmeyer.net writes:

> Can anyone tell me if there has
> been any significant changes to the trail that would outdate my map or
> any significant corrections to the map?  Also, does anyone know what the
> conditions are like out there?

I was out there on both loops the past two weekends. It was significantly
drier last weekend than the week before. You'll see no wet spots on the East
Loop except where the trail goes along the pond as it loops back around to
its starting point. On the Kitching Creek Loop, there is a cypress dome
section just west of Confusion Corners that is a guaranteed wade, but it was
only shin-deep two weeks ago (knee deep three weeks ago).

Ask for an updated trail map at the ranger station. Follow that, and you'll
be fine. The last version of the FTA map is pretty much on the mark, too.
Blazing and signage should keep you on track except when you first start the
East Loop ... they've burned  the scrub so the blazes are missing. Just
follow the straight and narrow (sometimes straight and wide) path paralleling
the road back to the ranger residences, and watch for blazes on pavement when
you reach road crossings.

Enjoy ... and remember, that first few miles of sand pine scrub is hot, dry

Cheers, Sandy