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[ft-l] Happy Thanksgiving and Introduction

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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and also introduce
myself.=A0 My name is Cheryl aka Swamp Blar.=A0 I am a native Floridian who=
 has a
very deep appreciation for nature.=A0 (I haven't looked lately, but I would=
be surprised to see my name appearing on the Threatened and Endangered
Species lists.=A0 Those lists do still exist, right???)=A0 In the past, I w=
never an "official hiker" or hiker group member,=A0but I have enjoyed many =
walks in the great outdoors (sometimes on marked hiking trails, sometimes
not).=A0 I attended the last meeting of the Florida Trail group (as a guest=
Rich Evans aka Solar Bear) and I met some truly impressive people there.=A0
And, I especially enjoyed hearing Dr. Jack Stout speak at that meeting.  (H=
was always one of my favorite professors when I was at UCF studying for my
Biology/Limnology degree.)  I also consider myself very fortunate to have
seen and heard *hiker extraordinaire* Walkin' Jim Stoltz at a recent Sierra
Club event/concert in Cocoa Beach.=A0 So far, I haven't attended any of the
Appalachian Trail meetings (or Gatherings) yet, but I look forward to doing
so in the future.  And maybe someday I'll actually do some "real" hiking on
the Florida Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

Well, I think that's probably more than enough information about me for now=
(I just didn't want anyone to think that I was one of those dreaded "hiker
list lurkers".)  For the last several days, I've been reading the postings
for the FT-L and the AT-L, but I've been *afraid* to say anything (especial=
to the AT-L group).  You AT-L guys (and gals) can be sooooooo mean to each
other.  Tee Hee Hee! :)  But, in spite of that *first impression*, I really
do look forward to meeting most (maybe even all) of you someday.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Trails,

Cheryl aka Swamp Blar