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[ft-l] Vitamin B

Regarding the vitamin B:

B12 is the B-vitamin usually credited with enhancing the natural ability to
repel mosquitoes.  From what I've read, it works for some but not for others
I'm one of the ones it works for, but not 100%.  Fewer hover, fewer bite,
and the bites don't last long.  And results are relative- if ten mosquitoes
are around, one will bite me.  Multiply that by a few powers of 10, and...
Guess you just need to try it out (take along a backup, just in case!).  I
take a daily B vitamin supplement that includes 30 mcg (500% RDA) of B-12,
it's a good energy boost for this old broad.

Caveat:  although B vitamins are water soluble, too much can still cause a
problem.  For instance, my V-guide tells me that if B-12 is taken with large
doses of C, that combo may cause nose or ear bleeds and dry mouth.  Other
B-vites in large doses can cause other problems to kidneys, stomach, etc.
And if you're among those who gauge their hydration level by the color of
their urine - think "day-glo yellow."

What bothers me more than the bite is the buzz - drives me nuts.  A bit of
repellant on the ears does the job.  My repellant of choice is 3M's
Ultrathon.  Comes in spray (24% DEET), or (my choice) cream (31.5% DEET).  A
little bit here and there keeps away mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, you name
it.  BTW, Ultrathon is used by the US military- those little olive drab
tubes of repellant in the surplus stores is Ultrathon..

My $0.02...

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>   I suppose the only bad thing was that I did not bring any protection
> mosquitoes, so at the time when the sunset I was pretty much a prisoner of
> my tent until sunrise. The ranger told me that I should eat a lot of
> B for 2 weeks before I go camping next time, can anyone confirm this