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[ft-l] looking for a good weekend hike

In answer to your questions:
1.  The trail is not complete from Santos to the Baseline Paved trail, so
some road walk is necessary in that section.  The FT connects to the
Marshall Swamp trail, so there is a trail from the intersection of CR35
(Baseline Rd. and CR464 (Maricamp Rd.) The Marshall Swamp Trail continues to
CR 314 (Sharps Ferry Road).  There is not yet a connector from there to the
FT in Ocala NF. There is a proposed route but I do not thing that
construction is started.

2.  The trail has been extended from SR 200 and is complete to the Pruitt
Trailhead, 5.2 miles west of SR200. That is about adjacent to (South of) the
Dunnellon Airport.   There is only road walk from there to the Withlacoochee

If you have other questions about that Section, please contace me.

Kenneth Smith
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> #There is no hunting on the Florida Trail on the Cross Florida Greenway,
> #Map No. 26.
> #
> #Kenneth Smith, Section Leader
> Is there still road walk from the Santos trailhead into the Ocala N.F.?
> Or does the trail now go up through Marshall Swamp and Silver River
> State Park?  If so, how does it reconnect back to the main trail in
> Ocala N.F.?  If not, are there future plans for this?
> Also, has the trail been extended into the section of the Greenway west
> of SR-200, and where does this section connect back into the
> Withlacoochee Rail-Trail?
> Thanks.
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