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[ft-l] looking for a good weekend hike

1) Osceola NF - yes they have hunting, but after the opening
couple of weeks, I would not hesitate to hike in there.
Designated camping areas at Cobb Hunt Camp, Ocean Pond, the
trail shelter and West Tower.

2) Suwannee River State Park - the "inner" loop, a short
trail, but pretty.

3) Torreya State Park - 2 loops of 7.2 and 7.3 miles in a
figure 8 pattern.  Beautiful terrain.

4) Blackwater River State Forest - again, they have hunting,
but the local rangers are extremely supportive of hikers and
the trail and designated campsites are open year-round.

5) St Marks NWR - only for day hiking unless you want to
hike the entire 45 miles at a stretch.  But well worth the
trip.  Some very limited hunting is allowed, check with the
Visitor Center for schedule of special opportunity hunts.
Shell Island Fish Camp in St Marks is the place to stay.


> Hi, all!
> I'm looking for a place in North FL
> along the FT to get out for a weekend
> hike away from hunters.  Any Suggestions?
> Trailtalker
> Central FL

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