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[ft-l] hiking alone

I guess I feel about the same way.  To me the absolute best
way to hike, particularly for a long distance, is with a
partner who shares the same hiking goals and pretty much the
same hiking "style".  It is a great psychological comfort to
have someone with whom you can share both the good and bad
times - the rainy days, the brillant sunsets, the hard ups
and the fantastic views.  You not only get to see the trail
thru your own eyes but thru those of another.  Plus it can
provide a sense of personal security.

However, the absolute worst way to hike is with a partner
who does not share your hiking goals.  Far better to solo
hike than to get into the emotional mess of hiking with
someone who, for one reason or another, derails YOUR hike.
I also think that hiking solo can offer a greater sense of
accomplishment and self confidence.


> Roland.. I have hiked alone for many years but
> prefer the company of others.