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[ft-l] S. Florida Loops

About as close as you get is the Green Swamp in Lakeland where the west loop
heads north. The average thru hike appears to be about 2 months. Winter is
definately better, temp/mosquito/hiking in waterwise. Most leave in
December/January at the end of the wet season after the Big Cypress has had
a chance to get a little drier. We keep thru hikers in the Okeechobee area
if you decide to give it a shot let it know. For further web info check out
Nimblewill Nomad's site he thru hiked twice, and trail journals.com, JoJo
Smiley and B have journals of their thru hike last year.
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>Is there any side trails to get from the FT to Tampa Bay Area? How what's
>average time to do a thru hike of the trail? Is winter better than summer
>bugs, etc.)? Am I asking too many questions? The FAQ is down on the Florida
>Trail website, I didn't know where else to go. Thanks. roland
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