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[ft-l] Blackwater SF

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> Or for long hikes for 4 and 6 year olds?  I'm going camping
> with my sister
> and her family, and we might be going to Blackwater.  After
> camping I'd like
> to get a few nights out solo (maybe 4 or 5), but I don't
> really care how
> long of a hike.  If we do go to Blackwater, I'll check with
> them regarding
> the trails.

Bear Lake is on State Road 4 near Baker, Florida. They have a nice RV
campground with tent sites and a primitive campsite a little ways around the
lake that is vehicle accessible. It is a few miles off of the FNST, but
there is a connector trail of about four miles down to it. It is almost
exactly halfway on what is called the Jackson Red Ground Trail which runs
from Karick Lake in the Northeast to Red Rock Picnic area in the southwest,
where it joins the Juniper Creek Trail. The FNST joins it below Hurricane
Lake about four miles from Karick. The FNST continues down Jackson Red
Ground Trail to the Juniper Creek trail and then to Blackwater State Park
and then road walks to the western segment of the FNST on Eglin AFB which
goes south to Navarre and thence to Gulf Breeze.

The FNST from Gulf Breeze to the Alabama State line makes a good four day
hike. Or alternatively, Bear Lake is ideally suited for camping and day
hiking. Eglin's longer segment from Highway 85 to US Highway 331 can be done
in 3 to 5 days depending upon your speed. Unless you are a "thru-hiker", I
think you still need a recreation permit and camping permits. Contact info
for these is on the FTA website. If you can't find it, email me and I will
send it to you.

> Any info on this trail online?  I half-ast looked...  :-(
> I'll look more
> later.

I don't think so.

> > You might also look at the newest section of the FNST on
> Eglin AFB, also
> no
> > loops, but there are plenty of camping areas.
> FTA's website doesn't have current info listed (says 'currently a
> roadwalk').  Can you point me in the right direction here too?

I purposefully removed most of the info last year because the trail was not
formally certified and Eglin was getting lots of requests and answering them
with "there is no trail on Eglin AFB". The trail is now formally certified,
the grand opening was last weekend. I will change the website this week or
next and try to get the new info uploaded. The new maps DO show the sections
on Eglin AFB.

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