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[ft-l] AHS - Paperless Trail July 2002

FYI from the American Hiking Society


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American Hiking Society's PAPERLESS TRAIL for July 2002 includes:
1. Did you know?
2. New Volunteer Vacation
3. Trails Bill Update
4. Crew Leader Training
5. AHS Award Nominations
6. NEW FEATURE ? Faces on the trail
6. Paperless Trail Info

1***** Did you know? *****1

July is peak season for encountering bugs on the trails.  Did you know that
the female black widow spider is the one that bites and she has a spherical
shiny black body with a red hourglass mark on her underside?  Do you know
what to do when you find yourself face to face with a wasp?  For more
information about battling bugs on the trail check out

2***** Volunteer Vacations - Update *****2

A new Volunteer Vacation project has been added.  Enjoy the crisp fall
weather on the Ozark Highlands Trail in Arkansas, October 13-19.

There are still many other excellent opportunities to volunteer before the
season ends in early November.  Check them out at

3***** Willing Seller Act advances to the Senate *****3

On July 31st, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved S.
1069, the National Trails System Willing Seller Act, to provide willing
seller land acquisition authority to the North Country, Ice Age, and
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trails.

The bill gives these three trails that lack federal land acquisition
authority the ability to buy land from willing sellers to protect and
enhance those trail corridors.  The bill will go to the full Senate for a
vote in September.

AHS has worked on passage of willing seller trail bills for the last six
years. Thank you to all trail activists who urged Congress to support these

For more information Willing Seller and other legislative issues see

4***** Crew Leader Training *****4

Interested in becoming a Crew Leader on trail maintenance trips?

Join American Hiking Society and the Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation for
a Crew Leader and Skills Training workshop. The workshop is perfect for
individuals who want to learn the skills needed to become an AHS Volunteer
Vacation Crew Leader or just want to learn basic trail building and
maintenance. Dates are September 11-15. For more information see

5***** AHS Award Nominations *****5

Do you know someone in the trail world whom you think deserves an award?
AHS recognizes to deserving folks who make an impact on trails from the
government sector, non-profit groups, corporations, as well as individual

For descriptions of the awards or information on how to nominate someone
for next year go to:

6***** NEW FEATURE - Faces on the Trail *****6

We'd like to hear about you and your experience on the trail.  If you have
a funny story, or know a person that has done something special on the
trail let us know and we'll share it next month in our new feature Faces on
the Trail.  E-mail a brief story between 50- 100 words to

7*****Paperless Trail Info*****7

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Hiking Society. You will receive one email update per month, containing
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