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[ft-l] FTA Web Site and other gripes!!!

ONE - As I recall a committee was formed to investigate the feasbility of a 
paid hosting service.  The idea was to develop a similar structure (Mark's 
idea of templates) for each chapter to follow and free up individual members 
from having to give up their personal web space to do the hosting.  I don't 
recall having voted on any financial implications.  Who voted on this and 

At the very least it would have been polite to offer first right of refusal, 
so to speak, on paid positions to those who have volunteered all these 
years.  It is rude, unkind, and unprofessional to hire out without so much 
as having even NOTIFIED Daryl, Jeff, and Carol Ann that changes were coming 
let alone not having offered them the opportunity to apply.  At least that's 
how the chain of events appears to me from the chat on this mailing list.  
If they were to have refused the job I'd think we could have opened it up to 
other members.  I'm certain there are even more webmasters among us than 
Daryl and Jeff.

The word on the street I'm getting is many faithful, loyal, and long-time 
volunteers are feeling taken advantage of with the advent of newly 
instituted paid positions in the office, Tallahassee, etc.  Kent has done a 
great job in the recent past of posting openings to the membership via this 
list as well as the newsletter and I applaud him for doing that.  He is a 
true professional in his presentations and work.  We could all take a lesson 
on the reality of perception at this point.

I am thoroughly disappointed by how this was handled and offer my apologies 
as one lone member to Daryl and Jeff and everyone else who has worked on the 

TWO - Does anyone know why BOD minutes are not distributed post meeting?  Do 
we wait until the next meeting to get them?  If I had them now it would help 
since I could refer back to see if my rememberances are correct or not.

THREE - Though our publication says we will not give out member information 
we have done (or are preparing to do) so.  The American Hiking Society 
requested our membership list for a mail out.  In return they will give us 
their list for a mail out.  It is to be a one time only deal.  The due date 
requested was before the next BOD meeting so was the vote was done via email 
and snail mail.  I argured against it for two reasons.  First, bulk mail has 
a very low rate of return on quality membership.  Second, our publications 
say WE WON'T GIVE OUT THE MEMBERSHIP LIST!  But we did.  Or are going to.  I 
never recevied followup communication from the BOD on the tally but did 
request the info from Judy earlier this week.  I deleted the email but I 
think it was about 18 or and 9 against.

FOUR - So...basically, at this point I'm frustrated with the behavior of the 
BOD and staff of FTA.  Seems to me like too many decision being made on the 
sly and no notifcation being sent to anyone.  Maybe I'm wrong but I go back 
to my thought about Kent.  Perception is 90% of the game.  We need to do 
some housecleaning.

Oh yeah...and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Daryl, Jeff, and Carol Ann 
for all the work they have done and continue to do.  Mark is right.  We do 
it from an instrinsic motivation but it sure is nice to get a pat on the 
back one in while.  So for a job well done...kudos...you guys are 

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