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[ft-l] FTA Web Site

Yep, it was decided at a board meeting and an Executive
Committee meeting.  And it was decided by volunteer Board
members and volunteer, elected Officers.

As I understand it, there was a little extra money in the
education budget and the Board or Ex Comm decided that the
money would be spent on upgrading the Footprint and
contracting for a professional to maintain the website since
these are our two biggest membership and community outreach

An adhoc committee from the Board and/or Chapter Council
offered to advise on the transition and find a new host.  I
know one of the reasons for going to a paid consultant was
to upgrade the FTA on-line store which has grown to the
point where it is actually starting to bring in a good chunk
of change (by FTA standards).  I wasn't at the last Board or
Ex Comm meeting so I don't know much more than that.

This change should in no way demean the time and effort that
Jeff, Daryl and Carol Ann have put into the FTA website over
the years.  They have taken our website from a simple
announcement page to an effective instrument for
communicating with our members and the public.

The job now is as Jeff stated, to refine the mission(s) of
the website and rework it to meet that mission.  As planned,
password-protected pages will be available free of charge to
chapters for their websites.  There will also be other
password-protected pages that various staff and officers
would have access to.  For example, I will be able to post
'Notices to Hikers" and notices of map updates directly
rather than going through several people to get it done.
These changes can be a real plus for the FTA.

I hope the people who in the past have been involved in the
website will stay active.  And I hope others will get
involved as well.  There are so many great things we can do
if we put our minds together on this.


> that's what i thought............we must have missed
something......a board
> meeting perhaps?
> Sunshine * Daydreams
> Later
> Sandy