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[ft-l] Florida National Scenic Trail GIS Coordinator Position Announced


The Florida Trail Association is advertising the position of GIS
Coordinator for the Florida National Scenic Trail.  We would very much your
assistance in forwarding this position announcement to those that may be
interested in such a position.  Thank you for your consideration and

Kent Wimmer
FNST Liaison

     Florida National Scenic Trail GIS Coordinator Position Announced

The Florida Trail Association is now accepting applications for the newly
created position of Florida National Scenic Trail GIS Coordinator.  The
Florida Trail Association (FTA) is a 35-year old nonprofit organization of
over 5000 members dedicated to building hiking trails, especially the
Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST).  The FNST is one of the nation's
elite hiking trails, and when completed it will extend 1,300 miles over the
length of Florida.  The FTA manages the FNST in partnership with the USDA
Forest Service, National Forests in Florida.

This is a newly created full-time, professional position that is jointly
funded and shared by the Florida Trail Association and the St. Marks
National Wildlife Refuge, respectively split 60% to 40%.  The position will
coordinate and supervise the development of a geographic information system
for the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) and also for the St. Marks
National Wildlife Refuge (SMNWR) in support of development of the Refuge's
comprehensive management plan.

Responsibilities include:
    Provide GIS systems analysis support using ESRI GIS products, ArcGIS,
software to develop, manipulate, retrieve, maintain and archive established
resource and associated MS Access 2000 databases so to meet the data
management and analysis requirements of FTA and SMNWR;
    Adapt and clean-up existing databases, and gather additional data to
supplement information gaps;
    Digitize polygon, line and point data from maps and photo's of varying
scales and complexity as required;
    Create maps and reports using ArcGIS software;
    Design and develop general-purpose GIS or other data programs for data
conversion and editing of descriptive and numeric data.
    Prepare GIS-related progress and status reports, and supporting
    Provide GIS assistance to FTA and SMNWR users operating ArcGIS
    Troubleshoot GIS related problems and research and recommend
    Use global positioning system units to collect data in the field;
    Prepare and perform public presentations about the FNST and the FTA;
    As assigned, assist with the trail inventory, FNST certification and
trail protection.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual who is committed to helping
the FTA and the National Forests in Florida provide outstanding hiking
opportunities and experiences on the FNST.  This position requires a
detailed knowledge of GIS hardware and ESRI/GIS software, and their
interrelationships in order to efficiently operate the systems in support
of the FTA and SMNWR.  Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of GIS
terminology and methodologies in order to plan, develop and manage a GIS
for the FNST and the SMNWR.

Candidates must have knowledge of GIS science reference sources, the range
of available GIS techniques, data accuracy and standards, and accepted GIS
procedures to identify and evaluate alternative approaches to handling user
needs and making appropriate recommendations.  The position requires the
ability to work independently, to communicate effectively orally and in
writing, and to use the GIS to perform analyses and produce maps and
reports.  A Bachelor's degree, professional GIS experience, and knowledge
of the FNST, FTA and its partners in Florida are highly desirable.
Candidates must be American citizens and possess a valid driver's license,
have an acceptable driving record and be willing to travel as required.

As a professional, full-time employee of the Florida Trail Association this
position offers a benefit package including health insurance, vacation,
holiday and sick leave, and retirement after vesting.  This is a salaried
position with an annual pay range of $36,000 to $40,000 plus benefits
commensurate with training and experience.  The selected candidate must
sign a one-year employment contract.  The FNST GIS Coordinator is a key
member of the FNST Team, which is made up of FTA and USDA Forest Service
staff.  The position is stationed in Tallahassee, Florida within the
offices of the Forest Supervisor of the National Forests in Florida.  Work
will be assigned and supervised by the FTA's FNST Liaison and Manager of
the SMNWR.

To apply, please send a cover letter fully describing your qualifications
for this position, a detailed resume, three work-related references, and an
GIS-related work product which you have created to: Kent Wimmer, FNST
Liaison, Florida Trail Association, 325 John Knox Road, F-100, Tallahassee,
FL 32303-4160.  Phone: (850) 523-8576; FAX (850) 523-8578; email:
kwimmer@fs.fed.us.  Visit the FTA at www.florida-trail.org.



Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 523-8576 (w)
(850) 523-8578 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160