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[ft-l] Fw: GATC would appreciate your Assistance

Just go this from GATC - another LNT course for those interested.

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I am a Leave No Trace Master Educator, a member of the Georgia =
Appalachian Trail Club's (GATC) education and outreach committee.


You received this E-mail because you are included on an address list of =
officials for Southeastern Trail Clubs and affiliated organizations that =
I was provided by a member of our board of directors. We are asking your =
help to spread the word, and to encourage people to enroll in the Leave =
No Trace Master Educator program that we are offering in conjunction =
with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) the week of September =
16 - 20, 2002.  The course will start at the Len Foote Hike Inn in =
Amicalola Falls State Park Georgia, and be carried out on the =
Appalachian Trail and Benton Mackaye trails around Springer Mountain =
Georgia.  Full details about the program can be found on the web at =
http://leavenotrace-ga.org, or at http://lnt.org.


This program is a first for the GATC, and we hope to make it a success =
so that we can continue to offer other programs in the future.  =
Presently there are not enough enrollments for us to conduct the class. =
We need at least 8 students registered by August 1, 2002 so we can =
commit the funds, and do the course.=20


As people involved in hiking, trail maintenance, and outdoor recreation, =
we all have a stake in the Leave No Trace Movement.

Currently only two organizations are authorized to teach the 5 day Leave =
No Trace Master Educator program. The National Outdoor Leadership School =
(NOLS) who developed the original program and materials in conjunction =
with the USDA FS and BLM, and the Appalachian Mountain Club in the =
Northeast.  So we are very fortunate to have this opportunity to conduct =
the training right here in our own back yard.


I apologize if you have already seen this announcement in one form or =
another from other sources.  If you will reply to this E-mail, I will =
make sure not to waste your time with future mailings.  On the other =
hand if you would appreciate being kept abreast of happenings in the =
Leave No Trace Arena, I will happily add you to our regular distribution =


Also, if you would like assistance with conducting Leave No Trace =
education programs, presentations, or activities for your organization =
we would be happy to work with you to develop your program and to =
provide presenters and instructors.


Richard Angeli


Leave No Trace Master Educator

Leave No Trace State Advocate - Georgia

770 356-4265



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