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[ft-l] Hot Weather Hiking

I try to hit the trail for an hour or so 2-3 days a week after work.  (Recent daily thunderstorms are cutting down on my hiking, but the lakes are looking lots better.)  Since I live in Oviedo, I'm blessed with more than 7 different trailheads within 30 minutes or less of my house.  Because  I'm going home to a shower after the walk, sweating (and I do plenty!) isn't really a problem.

I pretty much make it a rule not to sleep in a tent unless the night temperature is going to 65 or lower.  For me trying to tent on a humid 75 degree night would be misery!  I do know some folks who get campsites with electricity and put small fans in their tents, but this plan doesn't help at a remote backpacking campsite.