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[ft-l] FT Licence tag

This has been looked at one time.  The process is overwhelming and the total
cost would be about $100,000.  One of the steps in the process is to have a
study conducted and you must have 15,000 people say that they would be
interested in buying a plate of this design.  That study alone could cost
$10,000-$30,000 and the application fee is $60,000.  You also need a design
and a marketing plan to go along with the application.  But before any of
this can happen, the idea has to be approved by the legislature.  This is one
thing that might be the easiest to accomplish but the risk is substantial.
You decide how much you want to make on each plate with the minimum being $2,
I think.  If you can get 15,000 tags sold and make $10 each and get people to
keep renewing each year, that's not a bad deal.  If the amount should fall
below 8,000 they would discontinue the plate.  All of this info is on the FL
Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.