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[ft-l] Bridge out on Econ River

Hi folks,
Just an alert for thru-hikers and curiousity on my part what's happened to
the bridge....Bart Smith hiked through the Orlando area this past week and
reports that the swinging bridge over the Econ River is no longer there. He
attempted to wade the river but gave up (since he was carrying camera
equipment) when he discovered it was more than waist-deep and has a pretty
strong flow at the moment, thanks to recent rains. I know the bridge was
slated to be replaced, but would expect something to be in place BEFORE the
bridge was taken down...Joan Jarvis suggests perhaps vandals ripped it down.
Recent flood-stage waters may have been a factor was well. Anyway, it's a
concern for thru-hikers and anyone else hiking through the Chuluota -> Barr
Street section in Orlando.

Cheers, Sandy