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[ft-l] Progress of Springfever

In a message dated 12/24/2002 8:30:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, dlmccoy@ntm=
ail.okeechobee.com writes:

> Chuck, just to let you know, my aunt spotted a female thruhiker at the
> Clewiston Walmart on Saturday. If she stops here I'll let
> you know. Doug

>From a safety point of view, I would say a public message like this, especi=
ally regarding a lone female thruhiker and her exact wherabouts, is a bit r=
eckless. While most of us glory in the adventures of the thruhikers on the =
FT, we should understand that there are no barriers to membership on this l=
ist.  Let us be careful giving out locations of our friends out there on th=
eir hikes. Let's keep 'em safe.

The rule should be: no disclosure of specific time and location on this lis=
t unless explicitly authorized by the thruhiker, or until two weeks have pa=

Happy trails,

Solar Bear