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[ft-l] Re: [at-l] AT Fundraising Thru Specialy License Plates - Update re Some NC Ef...

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Clark writes:

> I honestly think there is a good chance we can make this happen here in
> NC in the coming early months of 2003, and because I am hopeful that
> there may be similar specialty license plate fund raising opportunities
> in other states [heck, I may find out there already ARE such programs
> for the benefit of the AT in other states! :)]

Thanks for inspiring us all with your research and your post to the AT-L
regarding potential AT funding through specialty license plates, Clark!  And,
I agree that this information might even come in handy for similar efforts in
other states (even those through which the AT doesn't pass), such as

(Thanks for your quick posting to the Florida Trail Association group
regarding this very same topic, a few minutes ago, Bryan.  I am hereby
volunteering to do whatever I can to help with a similar effort on behalf of
the Florida Trail.)

Cheryl aka The Swamp Blar