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[ft-l] opinions on Footwear

OK, I'm going to differ with the other posters.

With our particularly wet winter this year I don't think I
would have my shoes off while going through Big Cypress.
There are too many toe-stumpers for me to consider wearing
sandals, even around the campsites. It would be nice to have
them for the SFWMD canals and definately for the Okeechobee
dikes walks, tho.    Just my opinion, YMMV.

BTW, I found that the silt-laden water in Big Cypress really
did a number on my NB's.  The fabric uppers were really
chewed up by the time I came out.  I had to buy a new pair
shortly thereafter.  Something to consider.  You might want
to do Big Cypress in an old pair and have a newer pair
waiting for you up the trail.


PS, I'll be working on the trail section around Lake
Okeechobee starting around January 10 or so.  When's your
start date and which side are you doing?  Maybe I can do a
little trail magic.

> I expect to start my thru-hike of the FT at the Loop Road
> I've got NB trail shoes and a pair of Teva sandels. Is
there any point in
> having both.  On the AT I used boots but sandels for camp
shoes and the rare
> water crossing.
> Perhaps I will just forget the sandels and just wear  the
NBs wet or dry. I
> would like to get rid of the 1.5 lb sandels. Any thoughts
from  FT veterans?
> As always your input is most appreciated.
> Bamboo Bob