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[ft-l] Swamp slog at Collier-Seminole

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The Collier-Seminole Hiking Trail ranks up there with Bradwell Bay and Big
Cypress as a truly challenging slog through some of the wildest and roughest
terrain Florida has to offer.
Oh, and did I mention the benches? Seemingly incongruous on such a
route, these SCA-supplied beauties give you a chance to pull off your boots
and pour out the water-especially after that quicksand muck slough. I could
see the bench from my prone position in the mud, and I could feel it
at me.

****BENCHES??!!???    Now I KNOW I gotta get back out there!!!

If you want a real hiking challenge, head for Collier-Seminole State Park.
Check in at the ranger station to register (they will come look for you if
you don't re-emerge the same day) and to pick up a trail map. This trail is
true gem in the FTA loop trail system, best appreciated by those for a yen
for adventure.

****Thank you for the trip report!  I really love this trail.  The first
time I was going to hike it, was in a November.  I called the ranger and
asked if there was water on it.  She laughed and said "Uh. Yeah."  So I put
it off for a year or so.  The next time I went was....November (some people
never learn!).  It was great!  Dry at first, then occasional puddles, THEN
the swamp!  For some reason, I love swamps!

****Must be the Gator in me!

****Teresa   :-)