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[ft-l] Backpacking in Blackwater

I was talking about Blackwater River State Forest in the
western Panhandle.  But Bob Santini asked a question about
hunting in BIG CYPRESS without changing the "Blackwater"
subject line.  And the general gun season in Big Cypress is
from Nov 16 thru Jan 1.


> Are we talking about Blackwater SP in the west panhandle?
Or something down
> in south Florida? The general gun season in the panhandle
runs from mid
> December into February.
> Bryan
> "Si vis pacem para bellum"
> > Yes.  General gun season runs from Nov 16 thru Jan 1.
> > http://www.wildflorida.org/hunting/wma/South.htm
> >
> > Cricket
> > > > Is there a hunting season in the big cypress?