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[ft-l] Backpacking in Blackwater

My apologies, I misunderstood where you wanted to start. You mean Peaden
Bridge...yep that is about a 3 day hike. The trail does not follow roads so
closely at that end of the State Forest. Once you cross Highway 4 though,
they are never far away.

Have you emailed Vernon to see if he can announce your trip at Thursday's

Lee I Joe

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> Thanks, but Deaton Bridge to the Alabama state line is
> almost 40 miles.  That makes a nice easy 3-4 day backpack,
> and that's what we are looking for.   The stretch over to
> Karick Lake is nice, too.  But I've done that section twice
> now, so would prefer to do the other.  I do want to hike in
> to Panther Creek, tho, and check out how the waterfall is
> doing.
> Cricket
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