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[ft-l] Backpacking in Blackwater

Thanks, but Deaton Bridge to the Alabama state line is
almost 40 miles.  That makes a nice easy 3-4 day backpack,
and that's what we are looking for.   The stretch over to
Karick Lake is nice, too.  But I've done that section twice
now, so would prefer to do the other.  I do want to hike in
to Panther Creek, tho, and check out how the waterfall is


> > Deb,
> >
> > Karick Lake to Hurricane Lake makes a good day trip and
> substantially
> > longer than what you are proposing. Hunting is a big
problem in that
> section
> > though. The majority of the trail parallels roads only a
few hundred yards
> > away. often out of sight of the road. I have walked
right up on hunters
> > sitting on the trail without them even seeing me coming.
Blaze Orange is
> > definitely indicated, maybe even Bear Bells...
> >
> > Sorry I can't be of more help.
> >
> > Lee I Joe
> >