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[ft-l] Backpacking in Blackwater


Karick Lake to Hurricane Lake makes a good day trip and isn't substantially
longer than what you are proposing. Hunting is a big problem in that section
though. The majority of the trail parallels roads only a few hundred yards
away. often out of sight of the road. I have walked right up on hunters
sitting on the trail without them even seeing me coming. Blaze Orange is
definitely indicated, maybe even Bear Bells...

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Lee I Joe

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> A friend and I are thinking about backpacking in Blackwater
> River State Forest between Christmas and New Years.  I
> figured I would leave my truck at Hurricane Lake North
> campground, get ride down to Deaton Bridge and hike slowly
> back to car.  Maybe day hike up to Alabama at end.
> 1) Any special concerns re: hunting? (We know to wear blaze
> orange and stick to trail).
> 2) Anyone in the local area who might be able to shuttle us
> from the campground down to Deaton Bridge on Dec 27 or 28?
> 3) Anyone want to meet us at Grandma's in Milton for dinner
> after the hike (date pending) ?
> Cricket
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